V, You simply must see my newest addition! My darling husband, Lord Gray, just purchased another George Paulding Farnham orchid pin. While you may not care for gems as much as I do, since you do love fairies and flowers, I think these brooche… read more

Hollingberry, you’re wrong. Clayworth, you win the bet. The story is true. Two Austrian nobility, Princess Pauline Metternich and Countess Kilmannsegg, did in fact fight a duel half-naked on August 23, 1892. Being idiot women, they fought ove… read more

An interview with actor, Charlie Woods (Lord Gray) 1) You left your homeland to come to America to pursue the woman you loved. How did this trans-continental romance begin? I got the commercial “Nice Car Bob” which gave me funds to go on a wo… read more

An interview with actor, DeVille Vannik(Slate Walker) 1) You are currently working as a stunt double on an American film featuring Samuel L. Jackson, what drew you to the stuntman profession? I wouldn’t count myself as just being a stuntman. … read more

An Interview with actor, David Vaughn(Mr. Parker-Smith) 1) You love dark characters. Why? I love dark characters because it gives me a chance to access a rarely explored part of myself. It's a very cathartic experience. 2) You were in “The Bu… read more

An Interview with actor, Matt Musgrove(Lord Wesbury) 1) On your national tour with “We the People,” a 2011 Off-Broadway musical about the founding fathers, you played a guitar-wielding Ben Franklin. How did kids react to seeing the founding f… read more

An interview with actress, Cassandra Nuss (Master V) 1) What would you say you couldn’t go through your day without? It's a tie. I don't think I could make it through the day without coffee for sure. I have a full time job plus my acting care… read more

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