Lady Gray Adds to her Gem Collection


You simply must see my newest addition! My darling husband, Lord Gray, just purchased another George Paulding Farnham orchid pin. While you may not care for gems as much as I do, since you do love fairies and flowers, I think these brooches will amaze you. And just like you, Farnham is an American, a man I believe will be a pivotal figure in the history of jewelry design as his floral gems have no equal.

His enameled and bejeweled orchid pins were first created for Tiffany’s & Company’s jewelry collection for the Exposition Universelle, the world’s fair to be held in Paris in 1889. He was only 29 years old when his collection was displayed to world acclaim and won the gold medal for jewelry. At the fair, his orchid pins caused a sensation for each is precisely modeled on an exotic variety of orchid and embellished with diamonds, emeralds, aquamarines, pearls and rubies.

In terms of flower meanings, orchids are a symbol of wealth and represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. Rather perfect in meaning, don't you think?

His work also includes other flower gems that are simply lovely.

Do say you will come over for lunch.
Scarlet Ruby



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