Lord of Orange Stars

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Segment 03: The Elements Club® Series

Business. Science. Foreplay?

Outraged and baffled, the reserved Lord Casimin Blackwell finds his engagement to his fiancée in jeopardy by his wife of eight years--a wife that he had no idea existed. Not only is she enthusiastically passionate, she is an inventor with a love of sailing. How unfortunate that she is also half Hawaiian and half Swedish, and not at all the proper, reserved English wife he desires and needs for his career. How to rid himself of the lovely fraud who is bound to him in a farce involving trickery and deceit?

Alani Sefo Olofsson is a girl of the islands, but she is no gentle maiden. Raised in the fine art of swindling, she has learned to fight for what she wants, including hidden dreams. Ever since meeting Lord Casimin as a young girl, she has distantly loved the politically talented, astronomy-mad man. How dare British Society look down on her as unfit for his adoration and acceptance? An unshakable force, she is determined to win Casimin over to prove to all that love is color blind.


Set in Victorian London between 1892-1897, The Elements Club® follows the lives of various members as they each unlock the power of love and fortune.

The Elements Club® Segment 01: Lord of Lingering Shadows

The Elements Club® Segment 02: Lord of Flawless Strength

The Elements Club® Segment 03: Lord of Orange Stars

The Elements Club® Segment 04: Lord of Passionate Darkness (Coming April, 2017)


Join live conference calls and get emailed weekly club gossip. From learning about new business innovations, to debating life on Mars, to conducting cane duels, you never know what The Elements Club® members will venture into.



The Elements Club: Unity Match® is the world’s first full-motion Match 3 casual video game that features 250 levels filled with challenge, action, and love. Over 55 minutes of live action cut scenes and over 50 minutes of immersive audio with artwork featuring authentic Victorian illustrations.

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